Com Air II

Com Air II

Fully licensed Bay 167cm 2004

Frozen Semen: $950 per dose

Contender Calypso II(1.45sj) Cor De La Byere
Gofine Ramiro Z(1.60 sj)
I-Lauda Air Landadel Landgraf I
E-Rijeka Ramiro Z(1.60 sj)
Nabella(1.50 sj)

Com Air II represents the finest combination of bloodlines currently available on the market. With Holstein’s Contender having gained the highest recognition from breeders all over the world for progeny showing exceptional rideability and talent across all disciplines.

Com Air II’s represents the direct link to this high performing bloodline for the Australian breeder. The impressive pedigree on the sire’s side is enriched by Landadel as the dam sire followed by Ramiro and Landgraf in Lauda Air’s pedigree.

The grand dam of Com Air II and ancestress of the 8888 bloodline Nabella (Lausanne 6) by Landgraf I herself was placed in international Grand Prixs and produced 2 participants at the London Olympics 2012. Nabella’s brother Lionel, was team member for the Olympics 1980 and successful in the Aachen Grand Prix and Nation cups.

But the family tradition of excellence does not stop here. Lauda Air Eins, the mother of Com Air II is also the mother of the licenced Com Air I by Contender, successful both in the sport and at stud with licenced offspring and progeny competing internationally such as Chloe 21 at the Bundeschampionat 2013 and FEI World Championship for young eventing horses in Le Lion d’Angers 2014. Com Air II’s full sister Panam Air by Contender is the mother of Quiwi Dream the elegant, internationally successful jumping stallion with an outstanding record of achievement, bred out of the 8888 high-achieving mother-line. Quiwi Dream is series winner with the highlight of excelling at the Youngster Cup Final in Aachen 2013 against the best young horses of the world, stepping up as an upcoming internationally celebrated future superstar in the showjumping scene.

Now at only 9-years of age the licensed stallion by Quidam de Revel provides not only award winning foals but also licensed offspring of his first crop and is placed himself in Global Champions League classes up to 1.50m exceeding all expectation in this outstanding stallion by showjumping experts.

Com Air II’s mother-line clearly proves talent and character for the showjumping ring but is not limited to it. His sister Flybaboo Air by Florestan I is the mother of Sans Soucis by Sir Donnerhall I, Holsteiner Riding Horse Champion 2012 and qualifier for the FEI World Championship for young dressage horses 2014 for the USA where she previously placed first in the overall ranking of 5-year old dressage horses. Flybaboo Air produced the impressive Bundeschampionat and World Championship Young Dressage Horses Finalist 6year old Sir Olli by Sir Donnerhall who completed his performance test with the very high index of 150 (2016 again qualified Bundeschampionat and Worldchampoinship) and the 5 year old Greek Air by Gribaldi participating at the Bundeschampionat 2014 and 2015 and being another Riding Horse Champion in 2015 in Holstein of the 8888 line.

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