Don Gold is a Grand Prix schoolmaster
Set in a beautiful riding exterior, demonstrating expressive uphill changes
and is a true master in the ability to collect.
ACE approved
Service Fee $990 LFG



Klassik Pursuit
Sire- Purioso
Dam’s Sire – Consolidate
Dark Brown Stallion 16 hh       AWHA Approved
Pursuit is refined by the traits of the Thoroughbred
He demonstrates quality basic gaits and rideability
that make him the ladies dream horse.
NOT STANDING -Gelded,testicular torsion

Sir Stirling
Sire- Stedinger/Sandro Hit
Dam’s Sire – Contango 11  Black  16.2hh  A.C.E. Approved
Frozen semen available this season 2011/2012
This enchanting black son of Stedinger is an exciting young stallion presented
in a modern riding type with captivating canter qualities
and exceptional riding values.    Service Fee $1,650 3 x doses frozen semen.


Abanos/Sir Chamberlain
173cm Chestnut 2001
AI  Service Fee
Frozen Semen    $700 per dose